FAQs about the Chamber

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Harrison-Agassiz Chamber of Commerce—including answers to questions you didn’t think to ask.

Questions about becoming a member

You can join easily online. Start the sign-up process here.

There are too many to mention here. Visit our Member Benefits page to view the full list.

We support local businesses that in turn support our communities, our economy, and our province. We work to influence government policy on behalf of our members, provide member businesses with the services they need to grow, and connect owners and entrepreneurs with the information, resources, and network they need to prosper.

The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan is a benefit of Chamber membership. You can learn more by visiting the Chamber Plan's website. Learn more about our member benefits here, including the group insurance program.

Questions About The Chamber

The Chamber is a non-profit organization whose mandate includes advocating for our members. Through government relations strategies and relationship building at all levels of government, we’re able to influence government policy. We have represented local businesses across Canada since the Chamber was founded in 1979. Learn more about our advocacy work.

We speak with our members to learn which issues are most pressing to them. This, along with surveys and feedback on our programs and services, helps to inform our focus.

No, our Chamber receives no funding from any level of government. As a non-profit, we rely on revenue generated by membership fees, event participation, corporate memberships, advertising, and non-dues revenue.

Visit our membership database to view a complete list of current members.