Who We Are

Who We Are

The Harrison-Agassiz Chamber of Commerce is the representative of business for Harrison Hot Springs, the District of Kent and surrounding area. As members of both the BC Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce we are a volunteer, not-for-profit association that serves its members in promoting business and a healthy business environment.

The BC Chamber of Commerce is known to have been in operation as early as March 1867, The Chamber was re-established in 1951 to promote and improve trade, commerce and the economic and social welfare being of the people of British Columbia, and to develop and present a true cross-section of opinions of the BC business community to the provincial government and, in some areas of national importance, to the federal government.

What Does the Chamber Do?

This is an important but difficult question. Basically the Chamber does what its members want it to do. The Harrison-Agassiz Chamber is a 100% volunteer organization. With no paid staff we basically do what our members are motivated to do.

First and foremost the Chamber of Commerce is a group of people united by a common background working to create a better community, because a better community results in a better business environment. To accomplish this, the Chamber does a number of things including: lobbying on behalf of its membership to government, educating the community about business issues, and creating an environment where business will invest.

If the Chamber is successful it helps to convince other Businesses to invest because they believe they can make money. Successful businesses then provide many benefits to the surrounding community – from jobs for residents to taxes for government.

Who makes this happen? The Chamber members make it happen. As a member you are the Chamber.